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Important Reasons for Hiring an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Newport, South Carolina

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The Howze Law Firm is explaining to residents of Newport, SC and surrounding communities why it’s so important to hire a reputable family law firm who specializes in resolving family legal matters.

(Newport, SC  May 2022) At the Howze Law Firm, our family attorney understands how important it is for Newport, SC residents to find a compassionate and experienced Newport family law attorney.  Our family law attorney over 20 years of experience helping Newport families, whether it’s dealing with a divorce or child custody matters. Her knowledge and expertise in South Carolina family law has enabled her to help many families find successful resolutions to unique and complex legal situations.

When a couple is facing divorce, they need an experienced Newport divorce lawyerwho provides sound legal advice while helping navigate their client through the divorce process.   Our attorney has successfully helped clients with both contested and uncontested divorces, along with helping clients with property division and alimony. With her vast experience in helping South Carolina couples achieve amicable divorces, she is uniquely qualified to handle high-asset divorce cases. The Howze Law Firm understands that divorce cases usually involve the welfare of children.  When residents need a child custody lawyer in Newport, SC they can feel confident that the Howze Law Firm always places the welfare of the child above any other consideration. The family law attorneys at the Howze Law Firm make sure they are always up-to-date and informed of any changes in child custody and support laws in South Carolina.

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The Howze Law Firm specializes in the legal practice areas of family law, divorce, child custody, bankruptcy, estate planning and probate.

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