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Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. It can be a time of stressful upheaval and confusion during an already emotional event. One of the major factors of contention may be the legal matter of child support. If you are facing a child support case, there are a few things to keep in mind about how child support works and what to expect. Regardless of whether you are the parent receiving child support payments or the parent being asked to pay, this is a time when working with experienced legal counsel may help reduce confusion and headaches, especially when dealing with child support laws. With the help of a child support attorney in Rock Hill, SC, make sure you understand your rights and financial obligations on such an important legal matter.

Am I Obligated to Make Child Support Payments?

It is important to note that under South Carolina child support laws, both parents are legally obligated to provide financial support for children until they are of legal adult age. While it is true that one parent may be court-ordered to pay child support while the other parent does not have such an order in place, this does not mean that only one parent provides financial support for the child. Generally speaking, child support payments tend to be paid to the custodial parent that the child lives with most of the time. However the judge decides the matter of child support payments, it is important to remember that both parents are expected to provide financial support for the needs of their child by state law through child support. If you have been ordered by the courts to make child support payments, this is a legally binding agreement you are expected to uphold in order to avoid negative consequences. If you choose not to uphold your end of the child support order, there may be serious consequences for breaking child support laws, which is why working with child support lawyers is a smart move.

How Much Child Support Will I Have to Pay?

When it comes to child support and how much you will be expected to pay per child, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, the child support amount the judge orders a paying parent to pay each month is meant to cover the needs of the child, including food, housing, clothing, health insurance, medical and dental care, and educational costs. Since divorce can be a traumatic event for the children involved, a judge may order you to pay your share of the financial costs intended to allow the child to maintain the lifestyle they are already accustomed to living, which will be reflected in the child support order. South Carolina does not have a standard calculator of how much child support you can expect to pay. The judge in your case will be determining child support by considering all contributing factors, such as how many minor children are in the home, the custody arrangement, the income of both parents, and ongoing healthcare expenses.

What Happens If I Am Unable to Pay Child Support?

In some child support cases, a failure to pay may lead to garnished wages, fines, and other legal consequences. It is important to note that you are legally required to pay child support per the judge’s child support orders following child support cases. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced child support lawyer from the start of your child support journey. By working with child support lawyers, you can ensure that the judge receives a more accurate picture of the financial standings of each parent while the judge determines the amount to be paid. While presenting the judge with all the relevant documents and facts may help the judge in determining child support, it is important to note that the judge’s main concern is the well-being of any children involved when deciding child support orders. The judge has no obligation to make your financial life easier, especially not at the expense of the child’s safety and security. By securing your own child support attorneys to represent your case, you ensure someone is in your legal corner.

Can Child Support Lawyers Help with Modifications?

There may be instances where child support modification is in order. A child support modification happens when one or both parents submit a legal review of the original child support orders. The request to modify the amount may be the result of a loss of income of one parent, an injured or medically ill parent, or an increase in the income of the custodial parent. It is also possible that the financial needs of the child have changed due to increased educational or medical costs. A parent may also consider a child support modification request to extend financial assistance for the child beyond the legal age to help with college costs. The judge may choose to approve or deny a child support modification of the child support orders, which is why working closely with an experienced child support lawyer is a smart move. By working with a child support lawyer on your modification requests to the original child support orders, you may be able to ensure a faster, smoother, and easier-to-navigate legal scenario. Best of all, working with child support attorneys ensures someone is there to answer legal questions about your child support order or modification.

Find Legal Counsel Today for Child Support Matters

Whether you are seeking a child support modification or dealing with child support cases for the first time, you deserve experienced child support attorneys ready to fight on your legal behalf. From being unable to pay child support to seeking that initial child support order, there are plenty of complexities involved. The legal system can be overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. When dealing with such sensitive matters (your child’s well-being and your financial situation), hiring a child support lawyer in Rock Hill may be the first step in securing eventual peace of mind. Contact our law firm at 803-324-9009 today to see how our experienced legal team may be able to help your child support case.