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Going through a separation or divorce can be a painful time for both spouses. Ending your marriage is difficult enough to deal with, especially on your own. Our compassionate Rock Hill divorce attorney at The Howze Law Firm LLC will work by your side to guide you and make the entire process easier for you. Attorney Bomar-Howze will protect your legal rights while fighting hard to reach the outcome you deserve.

Let A Rock Hill, South Carolina Divorce Attorney Help You

Whether you are considering filing for a divorce or have already started the process, a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney at The Howze Law Firm LLC can help guide you to the best path forward during this difficult time. Our experienced divorce attorney will work tirelessly in order to help you secure an outcome that works for you.

Whether it is a legal separation or divorce, our divorce attorney will prioritize representing you with the utmost respect and dignity. We work with integrity and understand that each case is unique and will need a personalized approach. With over 18 years of experience in a wide range of family law matters you can count on our experienced divorce attorney at The Howze Law Firm LLC to provide you with valuable advice and effective representation. At The Howze Law Firm LLC, we can help you with any of the following:

  • Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Custody
  • Modifications of Custody and Visitations
  • Child Support
  • Grandparent Visitation
  • Contempt Actions (violations of court orders)
  • Name Changes
  • Birth Certificate Amendments
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Paternity Actions

Call and consult with our divorce lawyer today to further discuss how we can help you.

Things To Know From Your Divorce Attorney When Considering Divorce In Rock Hill, South Carolina

Knowing Between Fault & No-Fault Divorces

So you may ask a divorce attorney, how is divorce different in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, there are five (5) grounds for divorce that fall under either fault or no fault. For your reference, the South Carolina divorce law grounds are stated very clearly in S.C. Code Section 20-3-10.

A “no-fault” is one option of divorce that is granted when the marriage’s success is not directly undermined by the following four (4) fault-based grounds:

  • Adultery
  • Habitual drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Physical cruelty
  • Desertion

Moreover, filing for a no-fault divorce will require you to have lived apart from your spouse for over a year. As opposed to the other four (4) fault-based grounds mentioned above, no-fault divorces have increased in popularity among South Carolinians. However, the process that this option might take maybe lengthier when compared to a fault-based one. If you have any questions about fault or no-fault divorce in Rock Hill, SC, give our divorce attorney a call today!

How Do I Begin The Divorce Process?

Starting the divorce process can be confusing. A good initial step in the divorce process is to prepare any financial documents that will serve as proof of both you and your spouse’s current income. Proof can include your most recent pay stubs, tax returns, or banking records. Proof of the value of your marital assets as well as the amount of any marital debts, may also be requested by the court, so make sure you include those statements that contain vital information like name, dates, amount, etc. You can also seek help from a divorce lawyer in preparing these for you.

To start the process of divorce here in SC, a spouse must file a complaint with or without a divorce lawyer based on the five grounds where you last lived together if both still live here in the state. Another option, if your spouse lives in another state, is to file where you reside or vice versa. Moreover, South Carolina residency also applies and requires that either you or your spouse must be a current or former resident of the state for at least a year. On the other hand, if both you and your spouse live here in SC, you two must have lived in the state for at least three (3) months. To get started with the divorce process, give our divorce attorney at The Howze Law Firm a call today.

Uncontested Divorce Actions

The best resolution to a family court matter happens when all individuals work together for a solution that fits their entire family.  At The Howze Law Firm LLC, our divorce lawyer is committed to working with families to provide a low-cost solution when all parties want to work together or when the divorce action is uncontested.

Uncontested actions mean the parties agree on the issues or do not object to what the other party is seeking in court.  For instance, if your spouse does not object to you seeking a divorce, then the action is considered uncontested. These actions normally move through the court faster. Connect with our divorce lawyer to learn more about uncontested divorce.

How Long Does The Divorce Process Take?

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the length of a divorce. A divorce that takes up to a year or more may not be uncommon, especially if both spouses do not cooperate. Depending on the spouses’ relationship, how complex the individual case is, its jurisdiction, the financial stakes, if there are any children involved, and so on, all determine the time the divorce process takes.

A divorce lawyer can assist you by filing the necessary paperwork and representing you in court. However, it is the client that will dictate how the divorce attorney will behave and determine what motions to file or discard. Once a Final Order for Divorce is signed and filed, all aspects of marital dissolution are final and cannot be changed.

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