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Rock Hill, SC Child Visitation Attorneys Offering Legal Advice on Child Custody and Visitation Issues

Child custody and visitation matters are often difficult to resolve since they are legally complex and emotionally exhausting. This is why you need skilled child custody lawyers on your side as you navigate the process of determining when you will see your children.

Whether you plan to pursue sole physical custody or need help securing visitation rights after divorcing your spouse, the experienced child custody attorneys at The Howze Law Firm LLC are here for you. We have spent years providing legal guidance to clients across South Carolina dealing with family law issues, so we’re confident we can work toward your desired outcome on your child custody or visitation case. Call us for a consultation with caring child custody lawyers.

What Are the Possible Outcomes of Child Custody Cases in South Carolina?

As you prepare for your South Carolina Family Court case, knowing what kinds of child custody arrangements are available is important. Your child custody lawyer will help decide which of the following arrangements to fight for in family court:

  • Sole physical child custody, in which the children live with the custodial parent
  • Joint physical custody, in which the children share time with both parents
  • Sole legal custody, in which one parent makes decisions surrounding the children’s education, religion, and healthcare.
  • Joint legal custody, in which both parents retain equal rights on major decisions regarding the children’s education, religion, and healthcare
  • Visitation, in which the noncustodial parent gets to spend time with the children according to the child custody agreement

If you need help deciding which child custody arrangements work for your family, call a South Carolina child custody attorney. When you hire us, we will help you decide whether to pursue sole custody, joint custody, or visitation so you can see your children regularly after divorcing your spouse.

How Is Visitation Decided?

The South Carolina Family Court judge makes decisions based on the children’s best interests. This is why an experienced child custody attorney will work hard to show that the legal and physical custody arrangements you want are in your child’s best interests. Some factors the judge will consider include:

  • The ability of each parent to care for the children
  • The stability and safety of each parent’s home
  • The proximity of the home to school, medical and dental care facilities, and other details that help with the child’s welfare
  • Whether there is a history of abuse, domestic violence, or immoral conduct in either parent’s home
  • The child’s wishes regarding which parent they want to live with, depending on the case

You will need help showing a South Carolina Family Court judge that giving you physical and legal custody is in the child’s best interests. Our child visitation attorneys in Rock Hill, SC have the legal knowledge necessary to support your case, so call us for help with child custody matters.

What Is a Visitation Schedule?

When one parent gets sole physical custody of the children, the other parent usually retains visitation rights. This means they can spend time with their children, but first, both parents must agree to a visitation schedule.

This schedule determines visitation details, such as how often the non-custodial parent can see the children. For example, a non-custodial parent might see the children every other weekend and during the summer, assuming this is in the children’s best interests.

If the mental and physical health of the child may be jeopardized by spending time with the other parent, a judge might grant supervised visitation or no visitation at all. If you have questions about your parental rights, call our child custody attorneys.

How Can Child Visitation Attorneys Help?

We realize how challenging child custody disputes are, especially when one parent worries about how the other parent will affect the child’s education, health, and happiness. Whether you’re the primary caregiver and want to pursue primary custody or wish to share joint legal custody of your child, it’s time to talk to lawyers who are well-versed in South Carolina family law matters.

If you’re ready to get the legal advice you need before the court, call our law firm at 803-266-1812. We will schedule a consultation where you can talk to experienced Rock Hill family law attorneys who have your best interests in mind.