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The Howze Law Firm in Rock Hill, SC, Explains Complicated Child Custody Laws in South Carolina

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Attorney Tracy Bomar-Howze at The Howze Law Firm – Rock Hill Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family & Probate Lawyer, explains South Carolina custody laws.

(Rock Hill, SC February 2022) Different states approach child custody disputes in different ways. It takes a skilled and experienced Rock Hill child custody lawyer to watch out for the child’s best interests.

If the child’s parents are not married, custody of the child is solely in the mother.  However, if the father establishes paternity, he may petition the court for custody or visitation.

It is always helpful to have the expertise of a trained child custody lawyer in Rock Hill.  There is no presumption in favor of the mother in South Carolina.  Once the father has acknowledged or taken a paternity test, he can petition the court for custody as well as visitation.  Both parents are on equal footing and what matters most is what is in the best interests of the minor child.

If the parents are married at the time of the child’s birth, then each parent has equal custody of their children.  However, if a divorce happens, Rock Hill family lawyer Tracy Bomar-Howze also reminds residents that the family court will have to decide issues of custody unless the parties can reach an agreement.

Child custody and visitation arrangements can be very flexible, giving way to a variety of options to consider when negotiating the terms. There is no right or wrong way but what is best for each family. It is dependent on the unique factors of each case. A child custody lawyer at The Howze Law Firm will help families navigate this entire process from start to finish.

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Attorney Tracy Bomar-Howze is licensed in Michigan, South Carolina, US District Court, and the US Bankruptcy Court in the District of South Carolina.  The firm specializes in the legal practice areas of bankruptcy law, divorce, child custody, estate planning, probate, and consumer protection.

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